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Get comfortable saving an average of $1000 in dining costs per year when using XeddyHere's How:

  1. Coupons when you shop at the same diner 10 times.

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Who We Are.

During our college days, Michal, Mussie, and I were roommates renting out a friend's basement. It wasn't glamorous, but it was home.The age-old dilemma of time versus money became real for us. Every student gets it — you need cash to have a good time, grab a decent meal, or just get by, but also, there's never enough time. Between cramming for exams and catching a break, it felt like a 24/7 juggle.The real tug-of-war was over meals: cooking at home saved us a few bucks but was a major time-sink, while grabbing food out was a fast solution with a steeper price tag.We were just looking for something—anything—to help us
adult better.
- Basil Udo

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